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Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 31, 2012

Ariella suspects her husband, Charles, of cheating for some time. She decides to hire call girl, Breanna to try find out if Charles is cheating on her. Charles is in for a major shock when Ariella suggests that the only way for them to save their marriage is for the three of them to engage […]

Old Fucking Fat Horny Momma

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 28, 2012

Fat and old it doesn’t get much better – this mature fucker is one dirty slut. Soon as the guy turns up he’s using a pump on her fat old pussy making it swell and her cunt lips stretch. Then her fat tits are out and he gives them a slap time for cock sucking […]

Tierra Prohibida

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 24, 2012

Esta noche en nuestro episodio de “Tierra Prohibida”. Marco quiere destruir a Rebeca y su familia, pero todo cambia en un ardiente encuentro de pasion. In tonight’s episode of “Tierra Prohibida”. Marco wants to destroy Rebeca and her family, but everything changes with a fiery encounter of passion. Click here to download HD video of […]

Clara – Double Anal Milf Penatration

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 17, 2012

Clara was married for a long time to a boring guy who only fucked her once in a while with the lights off and no passion. That’s why she decided to start making porn movies even after she turned 38 years old, to catch up for all the lost time and try something new. Clara […]

Great Moments In Hook-up History 4

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 10, 2012

Keiran and Jordan are two diabolical spinsters who are always looking for a way to score on hot chicks. Today they have a plan to go to swingers club and pick up some horny housewives who could give a hit about their husbands. Alone at the bar, no husbands, are Cherokee and Lily. Heads turn […]

Cory Everson – Anal Creampie Milf

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 3, 2012

Back in the day Corey was a rock star groupie traveling to shows and getting backstage passes by sucking off the stage help. She still clings the same ’80s rocker style as you can see from her clothing, but she knows if she wants to keep vibrant twenty and thirty year old men interested in […]