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A Steamy Orgy

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 30, 2013

Bridgette and Carmel are on a weekend getaway with their husbands. While the men hit the green, the two ladies decide to get a hot oil massage. Carmel suggests something to really spark their weekend!To try a new partner, each other’s husband!The two couples thoroughly each other and this nice change of pace and excitement! […]

Friendly Betrayal

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 24, 2013

Penny and Sasha have been best friends since college, and when Penny suspects her husband Scott is cheating, Sasha acts as best friend and attempts to help right the wrongs. Unfortunately Penny does the same and the actions of both girls land their friendship looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.

Times are so hard women now marry for love

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 16, 2013

Flower and Mariah have not seen each other since their slutty days in college, now things got so bad with the economy these woman actually decided to marry for love and today is the day they introduce their husbands to one another. Flower’s husband is caught looking at Mariah’s milanos and Mariah’s husband is caught […]

Louise Jenson in The Super Fanny

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 13, 2013

Danny and his girlfriend have a relationship that’s headed for the trash. He doesn’t respect her, and she’s sick of it! This looks like a job for The Super Fanny! She’ll visit the house, observe their relationship, and teach Danny exactly how to behave. And Super Fanny will give him a super, sopping wet reward, […]

Sleep Fucker

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 10, 2013

Britney is having guests over for the weekend and her husband refuses to have sex with her while they are in the house! One of the guests, Kevin James, has a sleepwalking problem and strolls into the kitchen half awake. Britney being horny as hell takes advantage of the situation and starts to suck on […]

Two Faced Wife Slut

Posted by: bLOGismo on: July 2, 2013

Sara is your typical subservient housewife that lives only to please her husband….until he leaves that is. Once her husband is gone Sara emerges into her real dominant slutty self. Sara Stone titty fucking Charles big cock