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Happily Married?

Posted by: bLOGismo on: November 20, 2014

When a woman is comfortable, she will decide to settle down and get married. She will remain happy as long as she is comfortable, however the trouble starts when whats next door seems better than what she has and from that point she will create every argument, every fight to get you mad and give her the reason to fuck the cock she doesn’t have.

Happily Married? Happily Married?

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Pool Hustling Bitch

Posted by: bLOGismo on: November 11, 2014

Gianna gets in on a pool betting game and tries to lure her opponents by popping her big tits out and massaging them with ice until they get hard and sensitive. Anthony gets so nervous that he misses his shot and blames it on her. He takes her to another room and pulls his black stick out to aim it at Gianna’s wet pussy…

How To Get Ahead

Posted by: bLOGismo on: November 4, 2014

Claire’s husband has not been promoted in over 5 years, since the recession hit in ’08 he has been promised time and time again that a raise and a bonus was on its way. Claire decides takes matters into her own hands and we discover that the biggest asset in a family is not the mortgage or car but fresh Mlif pussy.

real-wife-stories real-wife-stories

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An Uninvited Guest

Posted by: bLOGismo on: October 21, 2014

Carmella and her husband Keiran have a pretty open relationship… Because Carmella banged her teacher at school today, she promises to make it up to Keiran and invite her friend Sienna over for a threesome. Little did they know Sienna was gonna bring Mikey with her to change the “menage a trois” into a classic orgy!!!

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Brazzers House Swap Part 1

Posted by: bLOGismo on: October 7, 2014


It’s a new pair of couples on House Swap who have a chance of taking home the 50 grand!! Keiran meets Memphis who has difficulty sleeping the first night because she’s used to being fucked every night by her husband Scott. Maybe Keiran can give her what she needs…

Hoe’s Before Bro’s

Posted by: bLOGismo on: September 25, 2014

Priya is annoyed of constantly begging her boyfriend for some action and continuously being rejected for his friends. When she explains her situation to her boyfriends friend Johnny he thinks that his friend is a complete idiot for rejecting her and gives her exactly what she needs.


Priya Rai fucking a cock that does not belong to her husband

Horny Housekeeper

Posted by: bLOGismo on: September 13, 2014

Francesca works as a housekeeper for Keiran and his wife. Ever since she can remember, Keiran’s wife has been treating him like shit, and all he does is take it. One day, she decides to confront Keiran and show him just what type of respect a woman should show her man.

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Old Fucking Fat Horny Momma

Posted by: bLOGismo on: August 17, 2014

Fat and old it doesn’t get much better – this mature fucker is one dirty slut. Soon as the guy turns up he’s using a pump on her fat old pussy making it swell and her cunt lips stretch. Then her fat tits are out and he gives them a slap time for cock sucking and she guzzles on his man meat taking it deep. She gets some cream squirted onto her tits and cunt then rubs it in as she sucks on his hard cock getting covered in cream as she goes then tit fucks his cock.

He uses a massive big dildo on her pussy, stretching it out wide. Then uses the pump and sucks, swelling it fully while using a big dildo in her ass. Finally she gets an anal pounding from his cock as he uses the pump more on her cunt until he’s about to blow and he spunks all over the pump and her pussy and she licks it clean.

Horny For The Help

Posted by: bLOGismo on: August 12, 2014

Pressley has a dilemma. She likes her new job but has become uncomfortable with Jessica’s sexual advances. In attempts to smooth things out, Scott proposes that they all have dinner to get to know each other. But Jessica has much more in mind than “getting to know” Pressley…


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I Spy on Something that is Big and Black

Posted by: bLOGismo on: August 7, 2014

Totaly Tabitha is waiting in her car for her son after his soccer practice. After numerous times trying to contact him on his cell she decides to search for him. She accidentally ends up walking threw the guys locker room and ends up seeing one of his sons teammates changing. While he is changing she begins to masturbate over his big cock in the corner, not knowing that he knows shes their.

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